Tuesday, 26 July 2011


We had a good rain last night. Hubby slept on the couch to get some peace from my restless leg syndrome and I slept late this morning after it finally subsided, waking to a wonderful cool breeze billowing the bedroom curtains and making me almost want a blanket. The dog climbed up next to me, claiming a pillow for himself, nestled his back into my belly and we dozed together for another hour or so. Even baby didn't do his usual round of morning kick-boxing against my rib cage.
I am sucking all the enjoyment I can out of these last pre-baby lazy mornings- I have no idea what mornings will look like in a month or so, but I certainly know I won't be lounging in bed 'til 10.

I wouldn't dream of complaining about the rain, but I was very disappointed to see this morning that it ruined all my little garden sprouts. The lettuce, and the few audacious broccoli and carrot seedlings that were still hanging on, as well as the one bush bean plant that sprouted, were all plastered into the mud. I wonder if they'll recover as they dry out in the sun today...we'll see. I did notice that some yellow bell pepper plants sprouted though (I had given up on them)- they must have been waiting for the rain. And all four pumpkin plants put out flowers last night! So pretty. I'll take success in small doses for now, that's just fine with me.

The "Things To Do Before Baby" list seems to be growing faster than we can cross things off it- but the car seat is sitting in the front hall, the crib is put together, the dresser is stuffed with all manner of adorable baby clothes from family and friends, and I THINK I understand how these cloth diapers work. I'm planning on easing into the cloth diapering slowly- I have lots of disposables ready for the first week or so, so I can take my time getting used to them without having a laundry-indused meltdown. Which I'm sure will happen anyway.

So today, amidst piles of laundry, long lists, boxes still unpacked and bathroom reno dust, I'm doing my best to be calm, quiet, and very, very appreciative of this breeze.

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