Sunday, 24 July 2011

State of Mind

I like learning new things about myself.

I had a bad day yesterday. A mini melt-down, if you will. After it had passed and I was sufficiently pacified with a big chocolate muffin and an episode of Giada At Home, I realized something about my personality. The state of my kitchen very often reflects the state of my mind, and, consequently, my mood.

I'm not sure why this is- I think it will take some further reflection to figure out. We often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, and certainly for any family trying to be closer and more self-sufficient, the kitchen plays a big part. Mealtime is a sacred part of living, of Family. So- maybe the state of my kitchen is my subconscious litmus test for how well I am doing at this whole Living the Good Life thing.

Yeesh, talk about heavy pots and pans. I guess if there's one thing I excel at as a woman, it's guilt-tripping myself. Interesting personal revelation, though.

In lighter news:

:: 4 pumpkin plants are vining in their own little corner of backyard, a handful of cherry tomatoes are being harvested (and promptly eaten) every day, and lettuce and broccoli have sprouted in my 4x6 "I'm still learning" vegetable plot;

:: an impromptu road trip search for a body of water to swim in today was successful and resulted in Knuckle's first swim;

:: watching my favourite tv series, Deadwood, for the millionth time has taken on new meaning as I realize our house was built in that same time period (1870's);

:: planning on making a lot more of these in the near future (oh the things you can do with dollar store glass plates!):

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  1. Hi Christine- Congrats on being a momma to be. That's awesome. Happy blogging & thanks for reading! -Stephanie, Love & Lace