Wednesday, 28 September 2011

craft project: chalkboard paint

I'm very excited this morning to see that I've passed the 400-mark for lifetime page views of my blog! Not a big deal, really, but it's a nice dose of encouragement for a beginner. And for a writer, which I very humbly dare to call myself, writing is a most intimate reflection of one's soul, and offering up the physical inscriptions of what is in one's mind and heart makes one feel a tad vulnerable. So it makes me exhale a bit and smile to know someone's reading. Thanks :).

To fulfill this week's crafty goal I decided to play with some chalkboard paint. I've seen lots of cool things done with it before- you can paint basically any hard surface; a couple coats, 24 hours to cure and voila, a chalkboard.

 (Empty milk bottles).

Meh. I think I can do better. Glass isn't the best surface to use this medium on- it works, but it took 4 coats to get it opaque, with an hour to dry in between each one. 

Now I'm prowling around trying to find other things to paint. A flower pot? A piece of wood? A wall? Stay tuned...

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