Saturday, 24 September 2011

waiting for sleep

Watching his eyelids get heavier and heavier, then pop open wildly again as he struggles against sleep. We're both fighting to stay awake- me just long enough to carry him up and to bed when he finally gives in, him because the world has just becoming too darn interesting these days.
He slowly relaxes into a limp noodle in my lap, mouth opening into a little O as his head falls back, and then he starts like one does when they're almost asleep and suddenly feel like they're falling, and he's awake again. Repeat.
This kid has a lot of repetitive behaviour.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Looking for a new vehicle, going to IKEA for blinds (and who knows what else because let's be honest you never leave IKEA with only what you came for), and then on Sunday taking the 2 hour trip back to our hometown (I'm not quite ready to stop calling it that yet), Guelph, to visit friends, enjoy a great breakfast at Eggcetera, and pick up our blasted stupid truck from the repair shop again.

Coming on Monday- a new weekly post, 7 Day Goal. One thing to concentrate on doing for the week. Not to add pressure to my days, but to relieve it. Hopefully by concentrating on one small thing and taking pleasure in accomplishing it for 7 days in a row, I won't focus so much on the things that didn't get done, and I will slowly start building into my life, in little, manageable steps, the habits and ways that nurture this Good Life.

Have a lovely weekend!

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