Tuesday, 3 January 2012

this year

I have been thinking a lot about what this year will be like. The past two years have been quite a roller coaster for me and my family, and I'm looking forward to 2013 hopefully being a year of joy, wonder, growth and calmness. I am focusing on entering the year in a spirit of mindful gratitude and peace, allowing myself to put a greater focus on my own goals and dreams. I'm learning that this is not selfish. As I watch my son grow I am realizing how children need more than a mother and father in their parents; they also need strong examples of adults who nurture their own spirits. They need to see in their mother a woman who has not lost her sense of self, who has purpose, ambition and identity beyond her familial role. And they need to see in their father a man who embodies strength and integrity, but who will also come home every night and play on the floor with them. Children need to see in their parents an equal partnership, the yin and yang of a healthy relationship where the sum is greater than its parts and each is unique in strength but equal in importance. Home is where daughters learn their value as women, and where my son will learn what it means to be a good man. He will learn how to treat his future partner by watching how my husband treats me, and he will learn that marriage does not mean giving up who you are to keep a house and earn an income. So investing in myself this year, and every year, is not only nurturing my own spirit, but also my child's view of the world and his sense of himself as he grows.

I have three big personal goals for this year:

1. To grow a vegetable garden.

2. To do the firefly yoga pose.

3. To invest in this blog.

The first will take a lot of reading, learning and planning over the next few months as I use the winter season to process my mistakes from previous years, take in all the new knowledge I can, and plan for success this year. The second will take an equal amount of prep work just getting my body strong and flexible enough to even try this pose- on that I have always wanted to learn because it just looks so graceful and serene and IMPOSSIBLE! And the third will hopefully allow me the daily practice I need to hone my writing skills, and also the regular
reflection to keep me steered in the direction I want to be heading. A daily pause to step back and check my compass.

Today I'll be taking the tree down and doing a whole lot of cleaning up the swath of destruction from hurricane Christmas. I have a bag of apples still waiting to be turned into a pie, and some research on a new project to do. More on that later.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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  1. I just looked up that yoga pose... it looks impressive, but I'm not so sure about serene! Good luck with your goals this year. Hope you're doing well!