Saturday, 11 February 2012

first piece for my etsy shop

It will be awhile before the Pin & Purl Etsy shop is up and running; I want to have a good number of pieces to put up first. But isn't it a great feeling to finish the First One? To check the first thing off the list, take the first step, make it through the first day? It's a motivating milestone. 
I embroidered this little hoop over the course of a few evenings this week, in between lullabies and laundry loads. Simple and sweet. 

Two of my dearest friends had wonderful news to share with me this weekend, and I am glowing with happiness for them both. A mamma, and a bride, to be. Sigh. It's enough to chase the February blahs far away. 


  1. That is some very beatiful embroidery for sure. I love it! How exhiting to start your own shop, I wish you success and fun with it but I am quite sure it will work out.
    I like your blog, so much inspiriation.
    Regards, Gesche

  2. Have you kept in touch with Beth Fisher? I read her blog now and then and I think she and some other girls from Guelph have just opened up a little shop together in Toronto... give her a shout and maybe you can put some of your things in their collection. :)

  3. Hi I read your comment on coldantlerfarm and I live up in ne Ontario -am happy to meet fellow ontarians/Canucks who are like minded -ie self sustaining lifestyle -I just started blogging myself and hope one day to get down to coldantlerfarm for a visit -maybe a whole bunch of us Canucks can have a convoy one weekend

  4. Hello, hello! Well, hurrah for all of us Ontario residents getting in touch. I live near Long Point at the moment, in Southwestern Ontario, so not that terribly far from Uxbridge, I don't think. I'm moving next month to an old church with a yard, and I hope to start with chickens and a big vegetable garden. But my dream is to have a minimum of 10 acres somewhere, and have some goats, a horse or two, some sheep ...

    I love the idea of a convoy to Cold Antler some time, or even a get together here in Ontario sometime for mutual inspiration.

    My email is karen dot rickers at the mail that is 'g'. (I dunno, is it very, very bad to put your email publicly on a blog? I haven't starting blogging yet!)