Tuesday, 7 February 2012


...I am...
~ trying to figure out what to do with this enormous Christmas wreath I made a few months ago. It's still hanging in our living room (the tree is gone, at least). 

~ learning to read labels carefully and navigating the (expensive!) world of eco-friendly, locally-made baby products. 

~ having almost as much fun as him as we start to explore pablum, apple sauce and smushed bananas. 

~ nose-deep in my backyard chicken education (with hopes for some springtime chicks). 

~ taking baby steps towards my dream of opening a Pin & Purl Etsy shop. 

~ trying to honour my need to craft. 

~ experimenting with homemade laundry detergent (using this recipe). 

~ trying to keep  up with the mess,
~ trying to do at least one Sun Salutation a day,
~ trying to be kind to myself,
~ kissing those pudgy cheeks as much as I can,
~ remembering to breathe,
~ welcoming the lengthening days,

~ thankful. 

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