Thursday, 12 April 2012


I've been spending some time thinking, lately, about where I'm at right now- a sort of first quarter review, if you will. I like to revisit my new year's resolutions every few months, take stock of my values and priorities and see if how I'm actually living matches up, and adjust my sails. 

Things I've Accomplished:
:: Learned how to drive standard.
:: Learned how to make yogurt, butter and cheese.
:: Survived (and loved) my first six months of motherhood.
:: Got back into yoga.
:: Cloth diapering.
:: Kept up with my blog.
:: Went hang gliding.
:: Learned to be a more local consumer.
:: Switched the family to hormone and antibiotic-free milk and* meat.
                                     *Correction: All Canadian milk is hormone and antibiotic-free by law. 
Goals in Progress: 
:: Opening an Etsy shop.
:: Growing my blog.
:: Becoming a published writer.
:: Learning to garden.
:: Preparing to become farmers.
:: Renovating our house.
:: Doing the Firefly pose.

:: Not being able to spend more time with my Granny. 
:: Renewing our Rogers cellphone contract. Why, Christine...why, why, why, why, why...

Things I'm Grateful For:
:: My baby.
:: My husband.
:: Our family.
:: Our neighbours.
:: Helping hands whenever we need them.
:: Being able to lend them back again.
:: A mild winter.
:: Still being able to afford gas.
:: 12 months of maternity leave.
:: My health.
:: Our homeopathic veterinarian.
:: A million others...

Things I'm Looking Forward To:
:: Hunter's first birthday.
:: My sister graduating university.
:: Summer.
:: Learning to can and preserve.
:: Building a new deck.
:: Our vegetable garden.
:: My Mormor's (Danish: mother's mother) 90th birthday.
:: The oh-so-faint hope that Deadwood might be returning.

Things I Want To Change: 
:: I spend too much time watching television and web surfing.
:: I let too much food go to waste.
:: I could be eating much healthier.

How I Spend Most of My Time:           How I'd Like To Spend Most of My Time: 
Mothering                                                      Mothering
Crafting & Blogging                                      Crafting & Blogging
Running the household                                  Running the household
Yardwork                                                      Yardwork
Watching TV                                                  Reading & Writing 
Internet                                                          Family time
                                                                      Practicing yoga 

Do you ever do this? Does it help you stay on course? How has your year been so far? 


  1. This is a great idea, a quarterly 'check-up'. It sounds as if you're doing just great with your goals. Congrats!

  2. We have lots in common, and especially the things I want to change! Great idea!