Thursday, 17 May 2012


My lilacs are blooming, my boy is wearing shorts, and I'm finding myself taking everything outside these days to work on. Everything is so much nicer to do outside, even if it's sorting junk mail.

This week has been full of long, late-night, multiple-glasses-of-wine conversations about where we want our little family to be in the coming years, not so far down the road. These types of conversations are difficult, exciting, confusing, fun- so many things. It is part of making a life and a marriage with two people who share many dreams, but have many different ideas and wants, too. And in a few years someone else will start to have his own big dreams and opinions, too. Family is a wonderfully complex thing. Complex, but not complicated. Because really, what it all boils down to is being together. Wherever, however, whenever. Everything we are working towards and dreaming about is all to put more Together into this little life of ours.


  1. I agree with your philosophy on family and togetherness. Your little guy is so cute! I love the hair. :)

    By the way, that second photo (of the lilac and pillowcase) is composed (/styled) so beautifully.

    I like knowing there are kindred spirits in the world. :)

  2. Oh so good to be able to have those complex conversations in such meaningful ways -- and over days is a wonderful way to grow into all that you are discussing and dreaming of!

    Best to you!