Monday, 4 June 2012

a new old door

We've been waiting for a nice weekend with the time to get this project done. When we moved in here the door was pretty crappy- scratched red paint, dented and not in the least appealing.
We've had a replacement waiting patiently in the wings (in my dining room, actually), and yesterday Ian and Hunter's godfather installed it. It's the most beautiful thing we own, I think. A real work of pride and master carpentry. The kind of thing that was made to endure. That's what I love about antiques. They weren't made on assembly lines, and they weren't purposely made to wear out in five years so you'd need to upgrade or replace them.
Even the hinges on this door are intricately carved. That's what I'm talking about- somebody put some serious love into this thing! And I just love the old-school bell and keyhole. Can you imagine having that key on your keychain?
You can see that we're not finished yet. The framing is still raw, and we need to add a skirt and weather stripping. But I am so excited to be rid of that ugly red door and to have this beauty finally put in her proper place.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Is the stained glass younger than the door? The leading seems to me to be more recent, but I'm not an expert on such things.

    But you're right ... a wonderful example of craftsmanship! I'm sure you'll enjoy it every time you enter the house.

    1. Hi Karen! Yes I think the stained glass was done at a later time. Maybe the original glass broke. The screws that hold it in place are also more modern than the rest, which was another clue. But I'm no expert either :).

  2. Gorgeous. (enter Natalie Merchant's "Jealousy")
    Does it make you feel like a new arrival at a finishing school when you open it? That's what I picture.

    Or something out of "Anne of Green Gables..."

    1. Yes and I feel like I should be wearing a bonnet!