Friday, 6 July 2012

good omens

I received a good omen; right after I emailed the winner of my Etsy giveaway to let her know she had won, I made my first sale. Luckily it wasn't one of the pieces she had wanted, and today I packaged them both up and went to the post office to send one parcel to Los Angeles and the other to Cologne, Germany.
My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The theme of omens is heavy throughout the book; learning to read the language of your heart, and the language of God, by paying attention and recognizing the omens around you. I don't understand it to be like superstition, I think it's more about recognizing that there is a whole other fabric of life happening over top of everything we see; the Spiritual. There are lots of places where this fabric and the one we perceive with our senses are woven together, tangled up, and that's where we see omens. Signs of the spiritual realm that have become obvious enough to sense with our dull eyes and ears.
The Alchemist would refer to my first sale as Beginner's Luck. An early win to give one the confidence needed to pursue one's Personal Legend. The valleys and tests come later, but that beginner's win is an important emotional high. It's like starting out a long, difficult run with a downhill stretch. It gives us the feeling of, Yes! I can do this!

So I'm feeling pretty good right now, and my mind is churning with ideas for new pieces to make. The first taste of success gives us permission to keep dreaming.

My son has had some personal victories lately, too. His first tooth! Finally! We were starting to worry that he would need dentures. We've been blaming everything on "teething" for the past six months, and at long last, one little enameled nub has burst forth from his lower jaw. I am so proud of that tooth.

Hunter is also crawling like a maniac now, something else that took him quite awhile to figure out. We thought he would go straight from rolling to walking, like his mama did, but lo and behold, it clicked. And now he is scampering up stairs, cruising one-handed and almost walking. I bought him a little plastic kiddie pool today as the thermometer climbed above 40 and we sat together in the cold hose water in the shade of the lilac tree and blew bubbles all afternoon.

I am loving this life of mothering, homemaking, crafting and writing. I want more.


  1. Oh yes, I know this life you are talking about. I wish I would have been able to stay at home for more than a year, I was just getting into that crafting thing. Stil, I am quite proud I managed to keep it up whilst working all day I just wish I had so much more time...
    Heyho, Hunter, so good to hear about your tooth and the crawling, you really want to show it now, do you ;-) Keep it up little guy!
    I am very happy my win seems to have been a good omen. I loved "The Alchemist" (and most of his other books) but I had almost forgotten what it was about since I read it like ten years back. I believe very much in omens, only the good ones though ;-)