Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tonight, I have for you, dear friends, an easy-peasy, tried-and-true recipe for natural, homemade doggie skunk shampoo!
Not exactly what I felt like doing at 10 o'clock on a Wednesday night, but, when is it ever a good time for your dog to get tagged by a skinky mustelid?

Last time one of my dogs got sprayed, it took days of shampooing with so-called "skunk shampoo" from the pet store before she smelled any kind of normal again. Today, after a good scrub down on the porch and a follow-up with his regular coconut shampoo, he's lying in his bed in front of the tv, and you'd never know anything funky had happened.

best part, I had all the stuff in my kitchen cupboard!

Here it is, hope you never have to use it!

Homemade Skunk Rinse For Dogs:

4 cups hydrogen peroxide
1 cup baking soda
squirt of dishwashing liquid

Mix in a pail of warm water, scrub dog down using the whole pail, then rinse.
I followed up with a regular shampoo and rinse, but you might not find that necessary.

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  1. I don't have a dog, but I know of some folks who just had to wash down their pup Roxie because she met with a skunk!

    Mr. UpCountry saw a big ole skunk near our mailbox the other day, so I know there's one around. And my neighbors/landlords have two dogs, so I'll bookmark this for later. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Christine! Hope you're well!