Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Etsy favs

I was looking through my Etsy favourites today and I had to laugh at myself. Can you see what a jumbled ball of yarn I am? A hot mess of contradictions, for sure. Am I a hippy or a gun-toting cowgirl? Political or whimsical? Fashionista or tomboy? I've never seen less of a common thread. 
I guess my theme is Eclectic. I like that. 

 Vote necklace (staciesmithdesigns). Giraffe print (FauxKiss). Cowgirl print (MollysMuses). Stocking hat and leg warmers pattern (BeezyMomsCreations). 
Crocheted stone (Monicaj). Butterfly stockings (SideShowAnatomology). Feather hair clip (francisfrank). Leather quick release key hook (MercyLeatherWork). 

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