Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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Hello! Welcome to my tiny corner of this wonderfully eclectic world of blogging. My name is Christine. I am a crafty, earthy, homemade and dirt-loving girl, born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada. I love the colourful spectrum of our four seasons and abundant outdoors here, and still happily call it home with my husband, Ian, and our dogue de bordeaux pup, Knuckle.
I am an anxious and excited first-time mother-to-be; our first child is due mid-August, a summer babe for an Aquarius mama. To help pay the bills I am a zoo keeper, and I am blessed to spend my 9-5’s with all kinds of fur, feathers and scales, and nowhere near a desk or computer.  
So what am I doing here? I love to write, and I love to tell stories. Life is full of challenge and change these days (though I can’t remember a time when it didn’t seem that way), and I feel an exciting urge to share my experiences, thoughts, goals, growing pains, learning, disappointments and joy with...whoever wants to listen, I guess. 
I’ve realized these past months that knowing you are bringing a new life into the world does something to your passions and desires that nothing else can. Some fade away and seem trivial in hindsight, while others flare up into these huge bonfires inside of you- burning with an intense energy that was never there before. They mean something much more now. 
I have always wanted to live a life close to the earth. I have always enjoyed and valued frugality and admired those who just do things themselves. Nothing pleases me more than making something with my own two hands; especially as it becomes the norm to forego and forget skills in favour of paying someone else to provide things for us (often at high costs to our wallets, our health and our independence). 
The concept of an intentionally crafted life is something I’ve become acutely aware of over the past few years, and now I find myself thinking intensely about what kind of home I want for my family. So that’s what I’m hoping to share with you- my journey into Home and Family, from the grown-up end of things this time. My hopes, struggles and hopefully successes in crafting a Good Life. 
Let me be clear; I am one major novice here. I can sort my recycling and turn a compost pile, but that’s about it. I bought my first rolling pin at an antique market last summer and I’ve made three pies with it, two of which really sucked. I can knit a straight row, but I can’t remember how to thread a sewing machine. I can bake bread, but it usually weighs more than the oven. I’m hoping to grow my first vegetable garden this summer, but if I get more than one cherry tomato out of it, I’ll be blown away. I’m as green as they come, but I guess that’s a decent place to start. 
I have no shortage of lofty goals though; cloth diapers and homemade cheese, handknits and campfire quilts. And I have the infinite wisdom of a mother and a grandmother to draw from- an unfathomable blessing to a new mother-to-be. I want to remember how to do the things the people who built our house knew how to do. I want my child to learn what a firefly is before he learns how to change the channel. I want to end the day with dirt between my toes and feel the thrill of learning something new. 
Thanks for joining me, hope you enjoy :). 

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