Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Craftiness, as promised

Another glimpse at my Etsy shop preparations. I had a little whoosh of inspiration last weekend and managed to make a bunch of card sets, using vegetable stamps. Here's the tutorial (it's complicated):

1. Dig through fridge and pantry for bite-sized vegetables.
2. Cut in half and pat dry.
3. Stamp.

Some worked better than others. Good stamp vegetables include mushrooms, leafy greens, apples, pickles, radishes, garlic and jalapenos. Failures included cauliflower, onion and lemon- until I let it dry out for a day. The mushroom was my favourite, and I made a mushroom-only set of dinner party invites.
I must say I was very touched and impressed that Ian didn't laugh at me even once as I stamped away all day, and he even encouraged me to try selling them at one of the local gift shops on our main street. I love that guy.

I am planning to open the shop in May. I am super worried it will be a total flop, but I don't really have anything to lose except my pride, which I think I abandoned when I started doing kindergarten crafts by myself.

And here's a little something that's not for sale, but destined to be hung on Hunter's door, I think. Yep.

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