Wednesday, 28 March 2012

There is a sleeping baby laying on my chest right now- the kind of pure bliss you are lucky to experience once in your life. So I'll make it short today, as typing with one hand is not my forte.

We got a ridiculously high cellphone bill yesterday and I took Hunter and Knuckle to the park to cool off, I was so mad. I sat on one of the wooden stadium benches with baby in the stroller beside me and watched Knuckle run around, completely absorbed in the smells around him, happy as a clam. I watched Hunter smile to himself, giggle and babble, watching the dog and the birds. I realized in that moment that, for all my intelligence, my dog and my baby had things figured out better than me. The past and the future do not exist, all there is is now. Be present. Breathe. So I tried. I breathed, and smelled the earth, and laughed, and tried to be more like my dog and my baby. It was freeing. 

My favourite part of yoga class is when the teacher asks you at the beginning to set your intention for the class. I always think the same thing; To honour God with my body and mind, and celebrate my body and my life. 

So I thought it would be nice to take a moment every morning and set my intention for the day. A small private moment to set my sails in the right direction and start the day off mindfully. 

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